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Rainbow Youth Centre

Contact: Martin Needham

Tel: 01254 720740






We are youth hub specialising in helping young members of the LGBTQI+ community with mental health issues & social anxiety, we act as a safe space for young people to come, and be themselves ask for help or advice, or just to find a friend.



The Rainbow Youth Centre have an online shop selling various items to help raise funds for the centre.




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Move 2 Change

Contact: Martin Sadler

Tel: 07545 839957






Move 2 Change’s vision is “To inspire engagement with nature to support positive physical and mental well-being”

We deliver a range of programmes and activities to enable people to be active and safe in the outdoors, build confidence, improve fitness, develop positive wellbeing, and develop skills.

  • Our Change Maker programme is run over 10 days  with participants working with others to develop team work and communications skills leading to tackling the “Change Maker Challenge”. On the journey through the Change Maker programme partcipants get the opportunity to develop and put into practice skills in team work , communication, personal  leadership  and  project management. Change Maker uses the great outdoors to provide an exciting  , challenging and beautful backdrop for learning and development .
    Our Fitwalk programme provides  opportunities to get out walking in small groups, meet new people , develop skills in navigation and environmental awareness, and set personal fitness goals.
  • Our Moving 2 Make Teams programme is aimed at organisations looking for something different to support work team development. The Theoutdoor  based experiences are bespoke in design for each circumstance, all involve a range of active, inclusive and fun challenges that will be co-designed to meet the goals of the organisation whilst building communities/teams within and across organisations.
  • Move 2 Change also offer opportunities to try a range of outdoor and adventurous activities  (for example rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, trail running) and develop skills in map reading and navigation.




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The Foxton Centre – BounceBack

Contact: Cath Coffey





With BounceBack – The Foxton Centre Social Enterprise – you can:

  • Obtain a unique, locally-made product at a great price
  • Support the use of recycled materials
  • Endorse a local charity giving opportunity to change people’s lives

Here’s a selection of our products below but you can check our full catalogue




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Redmoor Communications CIC

Contact: Lucie Higham

Tel: 07747 061162





Leading specialists in social media training.

Redmoor Communications is a community interest company specialising in providing public relations support and social media training for new and established social enterprises, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. A not for profit social enterprise with social responsibility at the heart of all we do, Redmoor Communications offers clients a comprehensive support package. Our masterclasses in social media will leave you with a thorough understanding of how you can use traditional and digital media to grow your business. Based in Lancashire in the North West of England but with staff based across the UK, we have over 15 years’ experience at the cutting edge of both online and offline communications. We bring a knowledge and experience of social media that is difficult to match ensuring that you have the confidence to use social media without the need to spend lots of money of expensive consultants. If you think you might qualify for one of our free sessions give us a call on 07747 061162.




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ACT Community Partnership CIC

Contact: David Flanagan

Tel: 07847 521291






ACT Community Partnership has to date been successful in securing a building and undergone extensive renovations to provide a fit for purpose resource centre for the primary purpose of Advice, Counselling and Training. The organisation is actively developing a network of strategic partners to provide front line services to the local community through the different strands. In addition the new facility (The ACT Centre Blackpool) will provide accommodation for front line organisations as well as training and meeting space for hire. 



The centre boasts meeting space and training rooms that are available to hire.




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We Be Kids

Contact: Danny English

Tel: 07863 553039






We Be Kids is a new start up project in 2021 that aims to bring online inspiration to families so they can confidently take part in offline activities that boost their wellbeing.

At We Be Kids we follow our 1,2,3,4,5 model:

  1. We have 1 main aim- to help boost the wellbeing of children and families.
  2. We believe that positive wellbeing can be described by 2 main factors- being healthy and feeling content.
  3. We believe that making connections is key to wellbeing- 3 connections- in particular; connections with Nature, connection with community, and connection with ourselves.
  4. In order to help people boost their wellbeing we offer resources in 4 specialist areas; storytelling, nature art, nature activities and yoga and mindfulness.
  5. By engaging with We Be Kids children and families will be actively living the 5 ways to wellbeing: Get Active, Be Mindful, Think Community, Keep Learning and Practice Kindness.

We Be Kids is founded and run by Danny English and AnneMarie Trevena. Between them they have over 40 years experience working around the world in the fields of education and wellbeing.

More information can be found here:

We Be Kids add new material each week to their online library, families can access the resources by visiting and all the material is free.

We Be Kids is eager to make connections and work in partnership with other organisations who value the wellbeing of their staff, families, clients and the wider community. We are already working in partnership with local authorities in areas representing family services and education. If you are interested in helping us boost the wellbeing of children and families then please consider partnering




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Blackburn Rovers Community Trust

Darwen End, Ewood Park
Nuttall Street

Contact: Deborah Blades

Tel: 01254 508256






Blackburn Rovers Community Trust (Registered Charity No. 1117122) is fully committed to offering all members of the local community access to the highest quality programme of grassroots football, education, inclusion initiatives and awareness projects to encourage off-field participation, success and enjoyment using the crest and brand name of Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

The power of football to engage, enthuse and motivate people irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity is now recognised on many stages. As a vehicle through which community cohesion in its broadest terms of ‘narrowing the gap’ in health, education, aspirations and opportunity can be addressed, the local draw of Blackburn Rovers and the unrivalled power of the brand to bring additional credibility cannot be underestimated.




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Travel Assist Services Ltd

Unit 1 Rose Hill Estate
Sough Road

Contact: James Coulthard

Tel: 01254 846200






As a not for profit, social enterprise, Travel Assist has designed the business model on the foundation of their two major social objectives, which are;

(1). Making transport accessible for those who experience difficulties reaching mainstream transport.

(2). Creating and sustaining long term employment opportunities.

From the very start, Travel Assist has based all business decisions on the ethics of our social objectives, which is to provide opportunities, equality and respect. However, as the business has developed, Travel Assist has recognised that it has a responsibility to look at the impact the work carried out by the organization has on the environment. Therefore, a third social objective has been added:

(3). Sustaining responsible use of energy to minimalise the impact on the environment.


Ways to trade with this social enterprise

We exist to primarily provide affordable, accessible transport for people who experience difficulties accessing mainstream transport




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Change Grow Live

CGL HQ – Towerpoint
44 North Road

Contact: Katie Bebbington






Change Grow Live is a charity specialising in Substance Misuse and Criminal Justice intervention projects in England and Wales. We’re funded by councils and local authorities who commission us to provide services, and we sometimes receive donations from the public.

Because we’re not a business, we’re not looking to make a profit. So we can focus on making sure that everything we do is helping the people who use our services, and the wider public too.

In Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen, we operate under the brands Inspire, New You and Go2. Within all our services in Lancashire, we have teams that support with all of the following and much more

  • Clinical interventions for drug and/ or alcohol treatment
  • Family Safeguarding
  • Criminal Justice
  • Homelessness
  • Housing
  • Education, Training and Employment
  • Recovery Support
  • Behaviour Change




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Beanstalk Business Support CIC

Contact: Kerry Stevens

Tel: 07720 779809





Beanstalk Business Support CIC has recently been established to help businesses to be stronger, more sustainable, and more profitable. We provide business support, training, and mentoring to help start-ups, not-for-profit organisations, self-employed individuals, and small business owners (SME’s) manage their business and administrative processes successfully while ensuring that communities benefit from the businesses within them.

Small businesses are the backbone of local communities; they provide character and individuality that reflect a town’s personality. Business owners and employees usually live and work within their communities. Building successful businesses inspire a climate of pride, creates a thriving local economy with local jobs, and secures strong community bonds.




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