Pendle Move Forward

Move Forward in Pendle: Your Path to Success!

If you live in Pendle, are not currently working and are looking for personal development opportunities or need some support to overcome barriers, we can help you Move Forward.

We will share case studies on the support provided and impacts that have been made throughout the delivery of this project.


Who we can help

Move Forward is our new service supporting Pendle residents who are out of work, and held back by multiple barriers to employment – including:

  • No or low skills / work experience
  • Poor physical or mental health
  • Caring responsibilities
  • Lack of motivation, aspiration and trust
  • Experience of criminality
  • Drug and/or alcohol abuse
  • Experience of domestic violence
  • Poor experience within the care system
  • Benefit dependency
  • Homelessness
  • Financial difficulties
  • Social isolation or loneliness

We know it can be difficult to return to work and are here to help you to Move Forward.

This support is free of charge. We hope to offer this support in additional areas soon, so please watch this space.


What do we offer?

We are here to assist you in finding your path to work, from enhancing your skills, to helping you break down any obstacles that are holding you back.

We can provide access to free opportunities, such as volunteering and work placements to grow your experience. You can also access free training through Move Forward, including maths, ESOL and digital skills courses.

Our network can also help you grow personally and professionally, providing personalised help and guidance.


Our overall aims

  • Supporting you on your journey – from personal growth and development, to securing a new job.
  • Building strong connections with people and organisations around Lancashire.
  • Collaborating with existing services and creating new ways to support you.

If you are ready to make positive changes in your job search journey, Move Forward is here to support you every step of the way.


Get in touch today

For accessing support in Pendle please email or call 01772 200690 and ask about the “Move Forward project in Pendle”.

Alternatively, project partners can be contacted directly for specific support:


Move Forward Preston’s project delivery partners

Child Action North West (CANWe)  

CANWe Solutions CIC is a community focused service with projects developed to help those most in need in today’s society. We work with children, young people and vulnerable adults to enhance skills, supporting them to lead independent lives with empowerment to achieve their goals.

CANWe’s Social Inclusion Team includes a range of Careers Advice and Guidance (level 4) and Counselling trained/ qualified Keyworkers who worked on the team of the recently concluded BBO project. 

For support from CANW through Pendle’s Move Forward project, contact Michelle Dixon on 01254 244700 / 07585 440686 or email


Pendle Women’s Forum

Pendle Women’s Forum promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of women and young persons from disadvantaged communities in Pendle, Lancashire.

This includes supporting women towards employment, health and wellbeing (including exercise and sports), and providing education and training, interventions through support to prevent or reduce poverty, activities around arts, environment, culture and heritage – and supporting the local community to improve economic and community development.

For support from Pendle Women’s Forum through Pendle’s Move Forward project, contact Asma Shajat on 01282 699999 or email


Positive Action in the Community (PAC)      

For over 24 years we have provided access to local specialist support in the realms of domestic abuse, youth homelessness, mental health, community wellbeing, training and employment in Pendle.

Some of the issues we have experience in addressing include; past low educational outcomes, low aspiration and lack of confidence, and a wide range of barriers including financial barriers, disabilities, cultural/language, child care, lack of support and mental health. These are issues that we help address in manageable, realistic and achievable ways.

For support from PAC North through Pendle’s Move Forward project, contact Claire Bennett on 01282 227649 or email


Individual Impact


Who are we?

Move Forward is a collaboration between Active Lancashire and Selnet, along with local authorities and other organisations across Lancashire. We have teamed up to make sure you have the support you need to succeed on your journey to finding work.

This project is funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF). Active Lancashire and Selnet are joining forces with colleges, housing groups, and other partners to make sure you have all the resources you need to move forward in life.





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