Selnet – Under One Roof

If you, or somebody you are supporting, are on a low income and need help to access essential household items and to overcome challenges,  our service can provide a range of support, all Under One Roof:

This service enables eligible Lancashire residents with no other means of support to access essential furniture and domestic appliances, and then access additional support services.

The aims of Under One Roof are to:

  • Help service users maintain or establish a home by providing them with essential household items that meet their individual needs.
  • Help service users to understand their wider needs and access additional sources of support.
  • Help service users to feel more secure, be more resilient, and live more independently in their communities.
  • Reduce household waste by increasing the use of second-hand household goods in Lancashire.
  • Maximise resources to help as many people as possible; and
  • Manage demand to ensure the Service is delivered across the entire year.

Here are some example studies showing how Under One Roof works:


 Need Support?

To access this service, a registered partner organisation must refer you, click here to select from our list of partners.

Visit or contact our team for more information.

For information on how to become a partner organisation, contact Selnet or follow this link to fill in an approved supplier form.