Two/Zero Social Scale Up

The innovative programme Selnet had developed for our Two/Zero Social Enterprise Scale Up programme has been adapted in response to Covid-19. With the support of Lancashire County Council, we have refocussed the programme onto the resilience and business continuity of our cohort of 11 social enterprises. The solutions we identify to the issues they are encountering will be disseminated across our membership network so as many organisations as possible can benefit.

More than ever Lancashire will need the services of its social enterprises to meet the needs of residents and to help recover from the impacts of Covid-19.

The information below references the original programme design and is provided for reference only:



Two Zero is a dynamic scale-up programme for ambitious Lancashire companies aspiring to grow 20% year-on-year. Our elite team is here to help you transform your mindset, build your foundations, expand your networks and grow, faster.



Selnet has gained national recognition for its influence and impact in growing the social enterprise sector across Lancashire. We have the positioning, collective experience and professional networks to enable social enterprises with ambition, vision and drive to scale up.

Our Social Enterprise Scale Up programme, funded by Lancashire County Council, is organised and delivered by industry experts. It incorporates one-to-one professional coaching and a programme of masterclasses and group sessions, all focused on overcoming key barriers to scaling social enterprises.


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