Employability, Education & Training


  • Anteros Community, Community Interest Company

    Unit 6 Greetby Place
    WN8 9UL

    James Hoy

    Tel: 07964 826017



    Anteros Community provides music education and support for professionals and enthusiasts within the music community and music industry.



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  • Barnardo’s

    7 Lineside Close
    L25 2UD

     Dave Packwood

    Tel: 0151 488 1100


    Web: www.barnardos.org.uk



    As one of the UK’s leading children’s charities, Barnardo’s works directly with 248,000 children, young people, parents and carers every year. We run over 996 vital services across the UK, including counselling for children who have been abused, fostering and adoption services, vocational training and disability inclusion groups.

    Every Barnardo’s service is different but each believes in the potential in every child and young person, no matter who they are, what they have done or what they have been through.




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  • Best at Solutions (CIC)

    118 Clifton Drive best final 9

    Catherine Best

    Tel: 07443 606312


    Email: grm@bestatsolutions.co.uk

    Web: www.bestatsolutions.co.uk



    We are inspired every day by the commitment and tenacity of those who support children/young people in schools or in extracurricular enrichment centres in a voluntary capacity to gain vocational experience. Today’s job market is competitive and we aim to provide those people with that extra knowledge to ensure that they are successful in gaining suitable employment. We also believe that in this area of high percentage house repossession, suicide, divorce and unemployment, the children involved are very often the ‘forgotten’ factor, needing specialist support to help them cope with personal issues and raise attainment, therefore not perpetuating the ‘cycle of deprivation’ any further.

    As a company we run 1 day and short courses to enhance the professional skills of those who support children/young people with SEN, additional needs, mental health issues and those who live in areas of high socio economic deprivation, in any kind of voluntary capacity eg youth centres; schools; uniformed organisations. We also work with and support older teenagers and adults in a personal capacity, who are possibly out of work, retired or still in education, who are grieving or struggling to cope with a loss, the breakdown of a relationship or similar.




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  • Bootstrap Enterprises

    35 Railway Rdbootstrap
    BB1 1EZ

    Contact: Graham Jones

    Tel: (01254) 680367


    Web: www.bootstrap.org.uk

    About Us

    Bootstrap delivers:

    • Outreach, engagement, advice and guidance activities to help people recognise their skills, make informed decisions and take positive steps towards better futures;
    • Help for individuals and communities to turn ideas into thriving private businesses and social enterprises;
    • Worklessness and supported employment programmes to help all kinds of people move towards the world of work and then find and keep the right job;
    • The capacity to deliver an extensive portfolio of vocational qualifications and personal development learning;
    • Consultancy and training for public bodies and third sector to improve their capacity to deliver socially inclusive goals;
    • Partnership and facilitation to develop a range of socially inclusive agendas at local, regional and national level.



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  • Brierfield Action in the Community

    1-3 Colne Roadbrierfield-action-logo1-300x197
    BB9  5HW

    Contact: Naheed Ashraf

    Tel: (01282) 696100


    Web: www.baicom.org.uk

    About Us

    Brierfield Action In the Community – BAIC set up in 2003 by local residents of Brierfield. It consists of Board Directors living in and around Brierfield who manage the operations of the organisation through a project manager. The organisation itself is registered as a ‘not for profit’ company and a ‘Registered Charity’. It has been set up for the benefit of those living within the area of Pendle but primarily Brierfield. It also acts as a catalyst to promote for the benefit of the public in Pendle where there is social and economic deprivation by all or any of the following means:

    • the advancement of education, training or retraining;
    • the preservation and protection of good health;
    • the promotion of equality and diversity for the benefit of the public by promoting the elimination of discrimination on grounds of race, religion, disability or ethnic origin and by promoting attitudes, customs and practices in favour of equality;
    • the maintenance, improvement or provision of public amenities available for use by the community or any section of it;
    • the preservation of buildings or sites of historic or architectural importance; the provision of recreational facilities for the public at large or those who by reason of their youth, age, infirmity or disablement, financial hardship or social and economic circumstances, have need of such facilities;
    • the promotion of public safety and the prevention of crime;to develop the capacity and skills of the members of the community in Pendle in such a way that they are better able to identify, and help meet, their needs and to participate more fully in society.


    • ICT facilities
    • Cyber Games
    • Information and Advice/Guidance by trained staff
    • Conference/meeting room
    • Video/Music editing suite
    • Employment based initiatives



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  • Career-Nav CIC

    Keepers Cottage
    Keepers Lane
    PR3 1QN

    Louise Newton

    Tel: 07584 190922


    Web: www.career-nav.co.uk

    About Us


    Established in 2014, Career–Nav CIC is a Community Interested Company based in Lancashire. This means we are a not for profit organisation and our core business is to provide careers advice and guidance to groups and individuals, especially young people aged 13-19+.    

    Our mission is to support individuals, young people, organisations and groups within communities to develop new skills and opportunities; enabling them to reach their true potential through careers advice and guidance interventions by signposting them to volunteering, community projects, training/learning  and employment opportunities. We recognise that people living in poverty, or facing disadvantage, are much less likely to have a range of positive life choices which will hinder their ability to reach their potential.  

    Our team of Careers Advisers are professionally qualified to deliver bespoke training packages and careers guidance services to meet people’s needs and fill identified gaps.  We would like to use partnerships, collaborations and links with Statutory and Third Sector agencies, private sector, community groups and projects to support our clients. In other words, we would like to work collaboratively with partners in a multi-agency setting to make a real difference to real lives.



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  • Catalyst NW CIC

    Units 1-5 Lytham Trade ParkCatalyst-Logo
    Preston Road
    FY8 5AT

     Susan Strother

    Telephone: 07432 848479


    Web: www.catalystuk.co.uk



    “Keeping the doors of opportunity open.”

    For 10 years Susan Strother, Catalyst’s founder, has been helping young people on the Fylde Coast feel more confident, valued and empowered. Her work in school and youth group environments has made a difference, academically and socially, to hundreds of young people.

    She founded Catalyst because she saw an opportunity to do more.

    Now, with the aid of the North West’s leading indoor high ropes centre, Catalyst is helping schools, groups and families improve life chances for the most disadvantaged, the highest achievers, and every young person in between.




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  • Certain Curtain Theatre

    Unit 128 Oyston Mill
    Strand Road
    PR1 8UR

     Claire Moore

    Tel: 01772 731024  


    Web: www.cctheatre.co.uk



    A not-for-profit professional touring theatre company – specialising in writing and producing original dynamic live theatre. Often exploring important social issues; domestic abuse, teenage pregnancy, gun crime. Established in 1989 the company tours across the UK taking live theatre to community spaces improving access to the arts and utilising theatre for the education of all.




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  • Chapter3 Enterprise CIC

    178 Holmfield Road
    FY2 9PU

    Contact: Dianne Tew

    Tel: 07799 711337


    Email: dianne@chapter3.org.uk

    Web: www.chapter3.org.uk


    About Us

    A not for profit organisation with a strong commitment to communities and society focused on helping create economic and social value through enterprise. We are a small but perfectly formed community interest company with many years of leadership and enterprise experience and great passion for what we do.

    Our experiences, skills and wisdom being built-up through running businesses and working with hundreds of start-ups, in particular micro-businesses and the third sector.

    We deliver practical workshops providing guidance and creative solutions that help business, non profits, communities and individuals, get unstuck and move forwards.



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  • Communicate SLT CIC

    Manse Housecommunicate-slt
    49 Hardhorn Road
    FY6 7SR

    Jill Threlfall

    Tel: 01253 462123


    Web: www.communicate-slt.org.uk

    About Us

    2017 will mark Communicate’s 6 year anniversary of delivering high quality, needs led and effective services within the North West. Whilst celebrating the achievements of the last six years, we will take the opportunity to review our mission, vision and values as a foundation for the future. We aim to establish a 5 year strategic plan based on the key drivers of Sustainability, Team, Leadership and High Quality to support Communicate’s continued growth and development. We are looking forward to continuing working in partnership to maximise life chances by enabling effective Speech, Language and Communication.




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  • Community Enterprise & Skills CIC

    C/O All Souls BoltonCES Logo
    Astley Street
    BL1 8EY

    Rizwana Adam

    Tel: 07886 341 364


    Web: www.ceskills.org.uk



    We are a group of local volunteers who have been supporting many members of the local community, predominantly Asian female ladies, with their personal, social and welfare development needs and providing an opportunity for them to meet and discuss their issues. We have about 3-5 volunteers actively engaging with the local community. As more women have gained awareness of our services there has been greater demand and we are now seeking to formally establish the group with a Constitution and as a NOT FOR PROFIT organisation for the benefits of the local community.

    We are active in Pennine and Central Lancashire as well as North Greater Manchester and are keen to expand our services and provision to a wider area.

    We have worked mainly with those in an unpaid carer’s role as well as supported those with confidence issues to develop themselves to become more active in their communities and seek employment and economic activity opportunities.




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  • Create Inspire C.I.C

    4th Floor Media Factorycreate inspire cic
    Kirkham Street
    PR1 2X

    Emily Morton

    Telephone: 01772 977245 or 07465 132428


    Web: www.createinspire.org.uk/joomla



    We are launching International Record Label Services, Artist Management and Professional Development for music. Working closely with not just the musicians, singers, song writers and music industry professionals. We aim to work from grassroots to professional commercial music artists (minimum of 14 years of age). Supporting people who want want to work in the industry from voluntary level to professional (minimum age of 14 years of age and includes disadvantaged backgrounds, mental health problems, terminal illness, criminal backgrounds, disabilities). We aim to provide employability support and training, apprenticeships, internships and start up business support for musicians to record labels. Running workshops and Professional development training programmes in partnership with organisations such as Music Business School, MMF, Music Tank, Darker Music Talks, Brighter Music, Futureworks and Un-Convention. Planning to include free training and subsidising training costs for some placements (unemployed and students on JSA or ESA). We will be creating a grant scheme for supporting start up music projects and music project growth which will be assessed and chosen by a professional board which we are appointing in time. 70% of our profits will be going towards community projects and charity every year and we can accept social investors.




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  • Creativity Works Preston

    33 Shepherd Street
    PR1 3UE

    Steve Egan

    Tel: 07946 612666


    Email: steve@creativityworkspreston.org.uk

    Web: www.creativityworkspreston.org.uk



    The Creativity Works Preston Production Centre is based upon the Danish Production school model.

    CWP offers an alternative form of education to people of all ages who need or prefer to learn in a different way to the traditional education system that is predominantly academically based to one that is project-oriented and provides individualistic tuition. The crux of the learning environment and pedagogy is learning through doing; practical work and the solving of tasks in a working community aimed a real production and marketing of goods and services. We offer bespoke training courses in Hair & Beauty, Food & Nutrition, Teaching & learning, Media and Music, Sport and maths & English.

    We offer a pre 16 programme to referral agencies such as Schools, Lancashire County Council Missing Education team, Youth Offending team and any agency responsible for young people aged 14-16, with places available for up to 40 young people. We offer a post 16 Programme with places available for up to 50, students.





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  • Curious Minds

    Habergham Mill
    curiousCoal Clough Lane
    BB11 5BS

    Chris Finn

    Tel: (01282) 435835


    Web: www.curiousminds.org.uk

    About Us

    Curious Minds works to improve children and young people’s lives by increasing opportunities for active participation in arts, culture and creative learning.

    We work with others to build a society where children and young people, particularly those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, have plentiful opportunities to participate actively in creative learning and cultural production, in and out of school, leading to the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to contribute fully to society and lead positive and productive lives.

    We offer three principal services:

    1. Creative learning programmes with children and young people in and out of school
    2. Workforce and partnership development for the cultural and educational sectors
    3. Leading, influencing and representing the workforce that seeks to improve outcomes for children and young people through the arts, culture and creative learning



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  • DanceSyndrome

    Suite 2, Waterside
    St James Court West
    BB5 1NA

     Sarah Calderbank

    Tel: 07597 942494


    Web: www.dancesyndrome.co.uk



    DanceSyndrome is an inclusive arts charity that aims to inform and empower people through dance. Our trained dancers, both with and without learning disabilities, work alongside each other to offer community dance workshops for anyone who wants to improve their physical health and personal wellbeing. As well as offering community dance workshops across the North West, we also provide dance leadership training to empower people with and without learning disabilities to become Dance Leaders and to gain the knowledge, skills and ability to co-deliver inclusive dance sessions. DanceSyndrome also perform live at a variety of public and private events across the UK, including community showcases, festivals, fundraising events, national conferences, AGMs, universities, schools and even parties and weddings! DanceSyndrome opens eyes. A performance allows us to share with you how powerful dance can be and allows us to challenge perceptions and demonstrate ability rather than disability.




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  • Divine Days Community Arts CIC

    Divine Days Logo

    Contact: Katie Whitehead

    Tel: 07896 137 236

    Email: katie@divinedays.co.uk



    Divine Days Community Arts CIC is set up to make the Arts accessible to all – we run various creative workshops including Music, Dance, Creative Art and Relaxation.

    We have 3 Creative Dance groups for adults with additional needs and we perform in schools delivering interactive workshops to raise awareness and promote inclusion and acceptance. We also offer Creative Workshops for schools to explore themes around Health and Wellbeing and self expression.

    Our Award Winning Creative Dance Groups are available for bookings whether as part of your training to raise awareness of additional needs or as part of your celebration event.

    We offer a Sensory programme which we deliver in Dementia Care Homes and community settings.

    We run Creative workshops for adults living with long term health conditions




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  • Education & Employability Services CIC

    Contact: Jo Bracewellsmalllogo

    Tel: 07495 755517


    Twitter: @eescic

    About Us

    Education and Employability Services CIC is a new Blackpool based social enterprise company. Its aim is to help enhance the education and employment prospects of residents in the local and wider community. The company is looking to work with the public, private and third sectors on a needs based contractual basis. We provide bespoke individual and group support to a broad age range from all sectors of the community including the unemployed, the elderly, children and young adults. Specialist services include literacy workshops; form filling; confidence-building; CV and interview preparation; the online job seeking process; beginners IT.

    As Director of EES, I have over 10 years’ experience working as an English and Employability Lecturer. I am a local lady who is passionate about helping improve the life chances of others.



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  • Fleetwood Town Football Club Community Trust

    Highbury StadiumFTFC
    Park Avenue
    FY7 6TX

    Lisa Bennet

    Tel: 01253 208442


    Web: www.fleetwoodtownfc.com


    Fleetwood Town FC Community Trust is a vibrant charitable organisation that is an independent charity working in partnership with Fleetwood Town Football Club. We provide sport, physical activity, emotional and mental health and wellbeing programmes, educational programmes and outreach and employability/ training courses.

    We work with children, young people, adults and the elderly, often with a range of additional needs and barriers to inclusion to support and inspire individuals to become physically and emotionally healthy and build strong communities; through increased self-value and personal aspiration, within exciting and easily accessible programmes.



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  • Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside

    Blackpool office:
    The Enterprise Centre
    Lytham Road
    FY4 1EW

    Andrew Darron

    Tel: (01942) 821444


    Web: www.groundwork.org.uk

    About Us

    Groundwork Cheshire Lancashire & Merseyside is both a charitable trust and a social enterprise that has been working to build more sustainable communities across Cheshire and Lancashire since 1985 and Merseyside since 2012. We do this by helping people and organisations to create better neighbourhoods, to build their skills and job prospects, and to live and work in a greener way.

    Our vision is of a society of sustainable communities which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which respect the local and global environment and where individuals and enterprise prosper.

    By this we mean communities where people can work if they want to, where people are not living in fear of crime, where young people are valued and can realise their potential, where people are healthy and can afford to make healthy choices, where neighbourhoods are places where people want to live, and where communities – be they neighbourhoods or business communities – are more resilient.

    In order to manage our activities in a way that delivers against our vision we have set 6 core objectives which we feel are key components of a sustainable community. All of our work will contribute to at least one of these objectives.

    1. We will help communities to become more active and resilient
    2. We will help to build greener, safer, stronger neighbourhoods
    3. We will help young people realise their potential
    4. We will help those furthest from the labour market to find work
    5. We will promote improved health and wellbeing
    6. We will reduce carbon emissions and tackle the impacts of climate change



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  • Integrate (Preston & Chorley) Ltd

    112-116 Tulketh Browintegrate-logo
    PR2 2SJ

    Peter Green

    Tel: (01772) 333800


    Web: www.integratepreston.org.uk

    About Us

    Integrate (Preston & Chorley) Ltd was established in 1983 to provide supported housing for individuals with Learning Difficulties. We continue to do this and also support individuals with Mental Health conditions, Physical Disabilities, Autism, Sensory Impairments and Dementia.

    We have a long history in Social Enterprise and all of our Social Enterprises’s have been established to provide better opportunities in life, and the employment market, for people with disabilities & long term conditions. We offer placements related to wood recycling, horticulture and gardening, handyman services, decorating, retail and packaging.



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  • Inter Madrassah Organisation

    Unit 11, Business Development Centre
    Eanam Wharf
    BB1 5BL

    Stephen Jones

    Tel: 07973 860717


    Email: stephen.jones@inter-madrassah.org

    Web: www.inter-madrassah.org




    A grassroots charity based in the heart of Blackburn. We have been operating since 2006 and work with young and old people in supporting them on various health & wellbeing, education & employability and Sports & Development.

    Our work got recognised in 2016 by her Majesty and we were awarded the prestigious Queens Award for Voluntary Services.

    Our strength is in engaging with BAME, Assulym and Refugee community and we as an organisation are big in engaging and supporting all.





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  • Lancashire BME Network

    Spring Hill Community Centre
    Exchange Street
    BB5 0JD

    Contact: Naz Zaman

    Tel: (01254) 392974


    Web: www.lancashirebmenetwork.org.uk

    LBN Logo


    About Us

    Lancashire BME Network (LBN) is a recently formed entity, resulting from the merging of Lancashire Women’s Network (LWN) and Lancashire BME Pact (Pact) in 2014.

    Having worked closely over their respective histories on a number of programmes and initiatives, the boards and members of each felt it appropriate to formally merge the two bodies in recognition of their complementary natures and common goals to support local marginalised communities. This also allows for better use to be made of existing resources in face of significantly increasing demand from both local communities and referral agencies.

    LWN were formerly known as Lancashire Wide Network for Minority Ethnic Women and were established in 1996 as a result of Fair Play seminars looking at poor levels of economic activity amongst BME women. The Pact set up in 2003 after identifying a need amongst BME groups and organisations for specialist capacity building support. LWN were the only organisation in Pennine Lancashire to support BME women in a ‘joined up’ service and address the holistic wellbeing of each woman it engaged with. The Pact were a well-respected representative body, with a track record of supporting infrastructure and BME groups around a number of thematic issues and needs.

    Having collaborated on various projects and programmes throughout their respective histories, the Boards and Members of LWN and Pact felt it appropriate to merge the two entities to better achieve their shared goals of supporting BME communities:

    both had a strong emphasis on user involvement;

    the boards of both were comprised of current and ex service users, as well as other key political, social, and economic stakeholders;

    both delivered community based learning activities supporting the development of BME communities.

    The newly formed body is continuing and building on these shared successes, but is now able to make better use of existing resources through a more integrated management and strategic intervention structure in empowering marginalised BME communities. The merger has also resulted in a widening of our remit and LBN is now able to work with all genders.



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  • Lancashire College of Further Education

    Daisey Field Business Centre
    Suite 308, Appleby Street
    BB1 3BL

    Gazala Hussain

    Tel: 01254 433931


    Web: www.lcfe.org


    Lancashire College of Further Education (LCFE) was established in April 2012, with a specific desire of offering Quality Education and Training. LCFE has an outstanding reputation for high quality education set within a friendly and supportive environment. The College is 5 years old this year, but it is always changing, adapting and moving on, by taking into consideration the needs and demands of the community. Our strategic plan is based around our three core goals, high standard of learning and student experience, and social responsibility. LCFE is a leader in the field of employee development and business improvement, with a proven track record in developing productive, well-motivated employees who make an effective contribution to performance.We are recognised for our employer-centric approach to learning and skills development for employee teams in all sizes and sectors of business and industry.More and more employers are embracing the LCFE approach because we take the time to fully understand their needs, identify their goals and plan for what they want to achieve.




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  • Lancashire Equalities Organisation Ltd

    Education & Community Zonelancashire-equalities-organisation-ltd
    37 Brown Street
    BB5 ORS

    Zed Ali

    Tel: 01254 304082


    Web: www.lancashireequalities.org.uk


    About Us

    Lancashire Equalities Organisation was set up over three years ago to help multi disadvantaged communities access mainstream services and support provision. The team are experienced and have the expertise to assist individuals and groups to overcome health inequalities and combat exclusion, discrimination and injustice.

    Lancashire Equalities Organisation Ltd is strategically positioned within ONE Lancashire to act as a conduit for engagement with service providers and advocate for Social inclusion in Lancashire.

    Our aims are:

    • To support the health and wellbeing of BME communities of Lancashire
    • To support the integration, empowerment and civic engagement of BME communities
    • To tackle exclusion, discrimination and injustice



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  • Listening Tree CIC

    3 Honeysuckle Close
    Nr Chorley
    PR6 7RF

    Sally Proctor

    Tel: 01257 752192


    Web: www.listeningtree.org.uk



    Listening Tree CIC is a counselling consultancy & training service dedicated to improving emotional well-being & mental health in children & young people.

    We provide support both directly & indirectly to children, young people, school staff & other professionals through training, supervision & consultancy.We have a particular interest in bereavement support as this is where a lot of our passion and expertise lies.




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  • LPM Dance Theatre

    9 Clarence Street
    LA1 3BG

    Contact: Helen Gould

    Tel: 07812 571560


    Email: helen.gould@lapetitemorttheatre.com

    Web: www.lpmdancetheatre.com


    About Us

    LPM Dance Theatre is based in Lancaster. The company has an extensive track record delivering a wide range of projects across the region. Lead artists George Adams and Helen Gould are specialists in inclusive practice, education and training. The company strives to deliver innovative new dance experience for new audiences, raising the profile of the positive impact of dance engagement for all.



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  • Midstream (West Lancs) Ltd

    midstream2 Penrose Place
    WN8 9PR

    Contact: Anita Cooke

    Tel: (01695) 555316


    Web: www.midstream.org.uk

    About Us

    Midstream (West Lancs) Ltd, inaugurated in 1995 as a Registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee is a leading Social Enterprise.  From a six and a half acre site and state of the art, purpose built accommodation in Skelmersdale, West Lancashire it provides vocational training and supported employment in a caring environment for young people and adults with learning difficulties.  At the same time it creates business and trading opportunities with public sector, private sector and voluntary/community sector organisations offering a wide range of products and services.

    Those who are most disadvantaged in the labour market have the opportunity to take part in ‘real live’ work activities in a choice of occupational areas including Horticulture, Woodwork, Business Administration, Retail, Hospitality & Catering.  At the same time they are encouraged to work towards nationally recognised vocational qualifications ranging from basic entry level to NVQ level 2.  Training and assessments are carried out by our own professional teaching staff.  Health and Social Care needs are met by qualified health & social care practioners who give just the right level of support to ensure individuals are able to enjoy taking part in their daily work and training activities.

    The whole focus of Midstream is to improve the quality of working lives of people who through no fault of their own are disadvantaged in the labour market and allowing them to make their contribution to the world of work.



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  • New Era Enterprises (E.Lanc) Ltd

    East Lancashire Voluntary Sector Resource Centre
    62/64 Yorkshire Street
    BB11 3BT

    Kath Rowley

    Tel: (01282) 435302


    Web: www.newera.coop

    About Us

    New Era Enterprises (E. Lancs) Ltd is a company limited by guarantee. It is a community business that promotes a wide range of community-based regeneration and economic development, primarily in and around Pennine Lancashire.

    Although constituted as a business, its ethos is much more about improving the lives of local people than making money for itself.  

    Its aim is to provide a service which supports the growth of skills and networks so that people are able to initiate and participate in their own and their community’s development.  This is achieved by working at a neighbourhood level within a vision of equal opportunity and sustainability.



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  • Pathways Associates CIC

    Suite 2pathways
    St James Court West
    BB5 1NA

    Contact: Lynn James-Jenkinson

    Tel: (07970) 900226

    Email: lynn.james-jenkinson[at]nwtdt.com

    Web: www.pathwaysassociates.co.uk

    About Us

    First and foremost Pathways Associates Community Interest Company is committed to supporting individuals to take control of all aspects of their lives as described by the 12 pillars of independent living (www.southamptoncil.co.uk). These were identified by disabled people and will, if met, enable them to fully participate in society and lead to people being in control of their own lives with the support they, at the level they need for as long as they need it. Pathways Associates are committed to securing these needs, both locally and nationally through the training, consultancy and research we provide.

    Pathways operates as a social enterprise reinvesting surplus into supporting research, (which will extend beyond health and social care into any area of life, community or society) and developments in the health and social care field which promote our principles and make our services available at a subsidised rate (or largely free) to people who may be entitled to health and social care services and their families.

    We seek to attract funding from external sources in order to support the work we do and our partnerships with other organisations which share our values.

    We offer 3 types of membership:

    • Individual membership
    • Subscriber membership
    • Associate membership



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  • Pukar Disability Resource Centre

    3-5 Oakham Court
    PR1 3XP

    Younus Khan

    Tel: 01772 822700


    Email: younus.khan@pukar.org.uk

    Web: www.pukar.org.uk




    Pukar is a registered voluntary organisation that has been supporting people for over 20 years. Supporting people with disabilities, carers, vulnerable adults, people seeking employment. We work with organisations to promote education, provide Information advice & guidance. We are placed in the heart of Preston. We are able to support people who’s first language is not english. We work to promote independance and wellbeing. Our approach is person centred.





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  • Reachout ASC

    Contact: Emma Foxall

    Tel: 07966 481955


    Email: emmafoxall@reachoutasc.com

    Web: www.reachoutasc.com



    About Us

    Assessing and working with autistic children and providing specialist training to those who work, assist and live with autistic children and young people.

    We work with schools, local authorities and familes and alongside education professionals, employers, charities and faith organisations.



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  • Shabby 2 Chic

    The Upcycle Warehouseshabby
    15A Preston Old Road
    FY3 9PR

    Contact: Sandra Johnson

    Tel: 01253 465948


    Web: www.shabby2chic.co.uk

    About Us

    REDROSE 2011 Best Voluntary Project
    REDROSE RESOURCE Champion 2012
    Selnet Enterprise in Society Awards 2012 – Excellence in Training
    Selnet Enterprise in Society Awards 2012 – Young Social Entrepreneur

    Up cycling Furniture and Antique Restoration. Putting the life and soul back into unwanted furniture which were heading for our Landfills.

    Shabby 2 Chic workshops supports disadvantaged people in building their confidence and further their independence and skills.

    Our Training Accredited Craft Workshops enables our learners the fundamental basics of restoring and recreating a piece of furniture for their own use.  

    Teaching individuals how to save our environment by using environmental friendly paints and recycled materials!
    Encouraging innovative creative ideas that builds each individuals self esteem and confidence, and finally to succeed working within the community off their own merit.

    We are proud and honoured to work with our Community.



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  • Shared Future CIC

    28 Cromwell Groveshared future cic
    M19 3GB

    Contact: Jez Hall

    Tel: (07963) 706106


    Website: www.sharedfuturecic.org.uk

    About Us

    A community interest company based in the North West of England.

    Consultancy, research and development services to the public sector and social economy.

    We specialise in three main themes; social enterprise, community engagement and public participation.

    Through our extensive associate network Shared Future can support:

    Social enterprise

    • Asset development and building management
    • Community planning and engagement
    • Citizen Juries Participatory Budgeting
    • Youth and community empowerment
    • Ethical business and social responsibility
    • Organisational change and strategy
    • Social Impact reports



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  • SLYNCS (Strengthening Links between the Youth and Networks, Communities and Specialists)

    Bangor Street Community Centre
    Norwich Street
    BB1 6NZ

     Jaffer Ali Hussain

    Tel: 07713 141663


    Web: www.slyncs.co.uk




    SLYNCS is a Blackburn based youth empowerment charity working across East Lancashire. Our primary purpose is to support young people to become active citizens by enabling them to develop and deliver community projects and campaigns on issues that matter to them and their local communities. In addition, we enable young people to engage with decision makers from a range of sectors to ensure that the voices of young people are being listened to and championed.

    In addition to our weekly work which is ran by developing and delivering youth forums, we manage a number of local, regional and national contracts including the National Citizen Service and receive funding from four different government departments which supports our work.




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  • Strawberry Fields Training CIC

    South Placestrawberry fields training cic logo
    1 Meeting House Lane
    LA1 1TQ

    Paul Ireland

    Tel: 01524 874246


    Web: www.strawberryfieldstraining.org.uk


    At SFT we provide alternative education, training, aftercare and resettlement support to those engaged in the criminal justice system, alcohol & drug recovery services, and to vulnerable adults or young people struggling to cope in mainstream environments.




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  • The Business Clinic Organisation CIC

    1 Lockside Office Park
    Lockside Road
    PR2 2YS


    Contact: David Nelson

    Tel: 01772 367 367


    Email: info@thebusinessclinic.org

    Web: www.thebusinessclinic.org



    About Us

    The Business Clinic

    The Business Clinic exists to create healthier profits for business owners. We are independent and thought-provoking, and we deliver the strategy, skills and support needed to develop and grow local businesses.

    Tailored Services Covered: Training – Consultancy – Peerworking – Routes to funding

    We also operate our open clinics on a range of subjects which provide a way to learn new skills and develop fresh new ideas through interactive, content rich sessions that are free of charge to the business community, resulting in an approach that is collaborative and reciprocal.

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  • The Football League (Community) Ltd

    t/a The Football League Trust
    Edward VII Quay
    Navigation Way
    PR2 2Y

    Contact: Jules Ollerton

    Tel: (01772) 325960


    Web: www.fltrust.co.uk


    The Football League Trust is a national charity that uses the power of football to change people’s lives.

    The FLT unites the inspirational work delivered across England and Wales by the dedicated network of community trusts associated to the 72 Football League clubs. Last year we engaged with over 1.5million people using the power of football to improve health, inspire education, reduce crime, increase participation and tackle many difficult social issues like drug abuse and homelessness. The Trust tackles society’s greater goals by inspiring people through powerful projects built upon a foundation of our four key themes;- sport, education, inclusion and health.

    Each of the 72 Football League Clubs (Championship, League 1, League 2) has its own community trust. The charities have a combined annual turnover of over £44 million, and 2,500 members of staff, including teachers, coaches and professional health workers. Based in the heart of their communities ours trusts use the magnetism their club badge to connect with people,



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  • The Growing Club

    45 Meadow Park
    LA2 0NH

    Contact: Jane Binnion

    Tel: 01524 752723


    Email: jane@janebinnion.com

    Web: www.thegrowingclub.co.uk


    About Us

    After successfully running The Growing Club, a 12 month business growth club for women in business, we launched the CIC to provide training and support to women in the community who are interested in running their own business.

    • We are focusing particularly on socially excluded women
    • Women survivors of DV
    • Women leaving prison
    • Lone parents
    • Unemployed
    • Women with disabilities



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  • The Larder

    5 Ribble Bank
    PR1 0AU


    Contact: Kay Johnson

    Tel: 07718 901813


    Email: kay@larder.org.uk

    Web: www.larder.org.uk



    About Us

    The Larder aims to raise awareness and educate people about a range of food issues from food poverty to food waste, from sustainable catering practices to procurement. We develop and deliver courses, workshops and lectures to groups and individuals and offer a consultancy service to public and private organisations.

    We have recently received funding to set up an Educational Food Hub and will be delivering a range of accredited catering qualifications and offering work experience placements within our catering business and cafe

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  • U-Night Group

    Contact: Sue Sharples

    Tel: 07834 695606


    Email: sueamberco@aol.com

    Web: www.unightgroup.co.uk



    About Us

    The U-Night Group is a Community Interest Company run by and for people with a learning disability who live in Lancashire. 

    Our aim is to reduce isolation and loneliness, by providing opportunities for people to engage in meaningful activities, which lead to the formation of friendships and relationships. We do this by providing evening social and leisure events, training on sex and relationships and running a dating and mating agency called ‘MeetnMatch’.



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  • UR Potential

    Project Officeurpotential
    296 Central Drive
    FY1 5JW

    Contact: Deborah Terras

    Tel: 01253 344398


    Web: www.urpotential.co.uk

    About Us

    We are an accredited centre for ASDAN, ABC, NOCN and AQA and provide accredited training and opportunities for the community including employability awards, youth-work qualifications, peer mentoring. We have conducted Child Poverty research for Blackpool Council and developed a new Youth Volunteering Project ,Fylde Coast Be Involved. FCBI provides supported volunteering opportunities for 14 – 25 year olds in the Fylde Coast area.



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  • Veterans in Communities

    12 Bury RoadVIC
    BB4 5PL

    Contact: Liz Hamilton

    Tel: 01706 833180


    Email: lizhamilton@veteransincommunities.org

    Web: www.veteransincommunities.org



    Veterans in Communities (VIC) supports serving and ex-services personnel and their families, and members of the emergency services who have experienced difficulties in transitioning back into the community. We offer a range of services including outdoor activities, support to access specialised services, outdoor activities, hands-on projects to benefit the community, SInging Group and Art Group.

    Everything we do is focused on assisting our members to improve confidence, wellbeing in all its forms, achieving goals and being part of their local community.

    Our building in Haslingden has rooms available as office space, therapy space, arts and crafts, and a large conference room with flexibility in its layout.




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  • West Lancs Ark CIC

    Ecumenical Centrewest lancs ark
    WN8 6LU

    Contact: Janice Monaghan

    Tel: 07826 656387


    About Us

    We work with all members of our community and have an open door policy.  We help people with a wide variety of issues, inclusing debt, housing, employment, substance mis-use, training and education. We have computers available for job search and making benefit claims. We will assist with preparing CV’s, application forms. We also do referal to the Food Banks.



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  • Wonderful Things

    Contacts: Kate Crane and Julia Ansell

    Tel: 07875 968528


    Email: hello@wonderfulthings.org.uk

    Web: www.wonderfulthings.org.uk



    Wonderful Things provides innovative extra-curricular activities to children, delivered out of school hours, but within the safe environment of primary schools and local venues. Project Managers ensure a particularly wide spectrum of themes to the activities, so that children are inspired and motivated to engage in challenging activities that they would not usually have access to.

    Activities range from the arts (eg: Pirate Dance Day, Theatre Day, being a DJ) to science and technology (eg: Lego Day, Forensic Science Day, Skills Day) to the outdoors (eg: Forest Day, Crazy Sports Day) the practical (Baking Day, Journalism Workshops) and the unusual (Parliamentary Day, Didgeridoo Day!) These opportunities inspire the children and feed into their social and academic attainment, and the impact of this has been commented on by both parents and educators.



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