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Karen Ainsworth

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About Us

Smile Mediation is celebrating 21 years delivering mediation interventions, conflict coaching and skills training qualifications within the social housing, corporate and community sector. Smile delivers unique community projects that utilise mediation skills and techniques; in this way Smile empowers grass roots groups to develop better ways of communicating, upskilling and building capacity across neighbourhoods to reduce the distressing impact of destructive conflict.

Our services have developed to meet the needs of our partners, we deliver intra-family mediation to people in recovery from substance misuse, troubled families, and our unique hate crime programme working with offenders. Smile regularly facilitates large community and workplace conflicts involving multiple parties.

Every mediation intervention is different because the individuals involved in the dispute bring their own unique perspective, emotional responses and historic experience. Smile delivers a person-centred mediation service and this is embedded in our College of Mediators accredited mediation skills training. Our mediators are supported through ongoing CPD and supervision to ensure high quality standards of competence and practice.



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