Lancashire Mind

80-82 Devonshire Road

Sarah Jeffrey

Tel: 01257 231660





Lancashire Mind’s vision is Mental Wellbeing for All

We’re an independent charity, based in Chorley and working for the people of Lancashire. Our committed and energetic team of staff, trustees and volunteers are passionate about making a difference to the mental health of people living and working in Lancashire.

We see a future where everyone in Lancashire understands their mental health and wellbeing, see it as important as physical health and know how to look after it.

We do this by:

Working with people of all ages to build resilience, wellbeing and knowledge of mental health
We work with children from an early age and in communities around Lancashire to increase awareness of mental health and the ways in which we can improve and maintain our wellbeing.

Supporting people who are experiencing barriers to achieving good mental health
We provide group and one-to-one coaching for people at risk of developing poor mental health, helping them to identify barriers and unhelpful behaviours and develop coping strategies through guided self help.

Helping people to achieve and maintain recovery from poor mental health
We provide housing and support for people with a mental health condition to return to independent living.




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