Beanstalk Business Centre CIC

Contact: Kerry Stevens

Tel: 07720 779809





Beanstalk Business Centre CIC is passionate about helping businesses become stronger, sustainable, and profitable. We offer business support and administration services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, not-for-profits, and SMEs.  We recognise that small businesses are the backbone of local communities; they provide character and individuality that reflect a town’s personality. Business owners and employees usually live and work within their communities. Building successful businesses create a thriving local economy with local jobs and strong community bonds.

Simultaneously,  we provide employment and work experience opportunities, with job coaching and pastoral support for people looking for employment.  We invest all profits towards our employment programmes.  We develop workshops, courses, and tutorials that leave people empowered by knowledge, tools, and newfound confidence, ready to take those first steps towards a meaningful career. Returning to work is intimidating, so we build a person-centric training strategy where individuals become accustomed to the world of work in a safe, inclusive, and empowering environment.


Beanstalk Business Centre CIC won our Start Up Social Enterprise of the Year award in 2022.




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