Environment & Recycling


  • Active Lancashire

    Office 3-4, Farington House
    Lancashire Business Park
    PR26 6TW

    Darren Wright

    Tel: 01772 299830


    Web: www.activelancashire.org.uk




    Active Lancashire is the strategic lead for Sport and Physical Activity in Lancashire. We connect with like-minded local organisations and individuals to help bring about active lifestyles. Nationally we are one of the many Sport England-led Active Partnerships that drive a sports delivery system across the country.

    We believe that sport and physical activity have the power to influence behaviours and develop skills which can have a broader, positive impact on people’s lives.

    Our work in leading and facilitating effective partnerships across the county from key influential decision makers, through to community grass roots organisations aims to encourage Lancashire residents to engage in sport and physical activity and lead a happy, more prosperous life.


    Active Lancashire won our Work and Training Social Enterprise of the Year in 2022 and John Raper of Active Lancashire won our Volunteer of the Year Award in 2019.




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  • Furniture Matters

    Vickers Ind Estate
    Mellishaw Lane
    LA3 3FB

    Contact: Phil Crossley

    Tel: (01524) 426622


    Web: www.furniturematters.co.uk

    About Us

    Furniture Matters is a local re-use and recycle charity who’s aim is to provide quality low cost furniture and other household goods to local people in need in the community; to reduce the amount of furniture,electrical items and other household goods that end up in landfill and to provide quality volunteering and training opportunities for local people, aiming to increase employment prospects for some of these people.


    Furniture Matters won our Large Social Enterprise of the Year Award in 2021.



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  • Gift92

    Contact: Peter Metcalf


    Email: mail@gift92.com

    Web: www.gift92.com


    About Us

    Gift92 helps those in real need to build a stable home. We help people with limited finance and receiving state benefits to furnish a property. The charity has been doing this since 1992.

    Many of those we help have moved into an empty property and do not have the funds to furnish it. We supply the essential furniture and household items to help them and their family create a home. We collaborate with several local agencies and charities to enhance the household items clients receive through our service.

    Our work is supported by generous members of the public who donate usable furniture and household items, we are always in need of more due to demand. The furniture collected has enabled us to help over 750 people in 2018.



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  • Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside

    Blackpool office:
    2a Dinmore Ave
    FY3 7RW

    Andrew Darron

    Tel: (01942) 821444


    Web: www.groundwork.org.uk/clm/

    About Us

    Groundwork Cheshire Lancashire & Merseyside (CLM) is both a charitable trust and a social enterprise.

    We’ve been working to build more sustainable communities across Cheshire and Lancashire since 1985 and in Merseyside since 2012. We do this by helping people and organisations to create better neighbourhoods, to build their skills and job prospects, and to live and work in a greener way.

    Our vision is of a society of sustainable communities which are vibrant, healthy and safe, which respect the local and global environment and where individuals and enterprise prosper.

    By this we mean communities where:

    • people can work if they want to
    • people are not living in fear of crime
    • young people are valued and can realise their potential
    • people are healthy and can afford to make healthy choices
    • neighbourhoods are places where people want to live, and
    • communities, whether they be neighbourhoods or business communities, are more resilient

    We have set 6 core objectives which we feel are key components of a sustainable community. All of our work will contribute to at least one of these objectives:

    1. We will help communities to become more active and resilient
    2. We will help to build greener, safer, stronger neighbourhoods
    3. We will help young people realise their potential
    4. We will help those furthest from the labour market to find work
    5. We will promote improved health and wellbeing
    6. We will reduce carbon emissions and tackle the impacts of climate change



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  • Integrate (Preston & Chorley) Ltd

    Quayside House
    Off Chain caul way
    Navigation Way
    PR2 2XS

    Peter Green

    Tel: 01772 333 800


    Web: www.integratepreston.org.uk

    About Us

    Integrate (Preston & Chorley) Ltd was established in 1983 to provide supported housing for individuals with Learning Difficulties. We continue to do this and also support individuals with Mental Health conditions, Physical Disabilities, Autism, Sensory Impairments and Dementia.

    We have a long history in Social Enterprise and all of our Social Enterprises’s have been established to provide better opportunities in life, and the employment market, for people with disabilities & long term conditions. We offer placements related to wood recycling, horticulture and gardening, handyman services, decorating, retail and packaging.


    Selnet’s Enterprise in Society Awards:

    Peter Green, Integrate’s Director of Operations was awarded Lancashire’s Social Enterprise Champion award in 2017.



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  • Let’s Grow Preston

    Contact: Annie Wynn


    Web: www.letsgrowpreston.org

    Email: letsgrowpreston@gmail.com



    About Us

    We have 3 sites from where we promote physical and mental wellbeing through volunteering in horticulture. Following the principles of social therapy in horticulture, we build esteem and confidence in individuals and we deliver workshops and activities in the community to promote community cohesion and resilience.

    Established since 2011, we also support a network of community gardens and friends of open spaces covering the whole PR postcode. We provide bulk buying discounts to the members and a monthly network meeting for the 34 group members to attend, share their experiences and their ideas. We loan tools and equipment.

    We help communities to improve their environment.

    We provide training in horticulture so that communities and individuals can grow their own food and plants.

    Our volunteers are diverse. The youngest is 14 and the older is 86. We have SEN groups and individuals, retired people and people who are seeking employment as well as people on long term sick or with disabilities preventing them from working.

    In the last 12 months, individuals have donated over 3000 hours to Lets Grow Preston.

    We generate a surplus income by delivering training, facilitating projects and selling plants.

    We collect surplus food grown by local allotmenteers annually throughout the summer holidays in order to supplement the local food hubs with fresh produce, grown locally. Each year this equates to about 8000 meals over an 8 week period and sequesters 1 ton of carbon. Which is the same that a tree would sequester in its lifetime of between 40 and 100 years.

    These are some of our accreditations;


    Let’s Grow Preston won our Small Social Enterprise of the Year award in 2022.



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  • Newground CIC

    193 Bolton Road
    BB2 3GE

    Kasira Ahmed 

    Tel: 01254 265163


    Email: kasira.ahmed@newground.co.uk 



    Newground CIC is an exciting social enterprise delivering professional services in a competitive marketplace. We deliver services in community support and training, employment, environment and health & safety compliance, flood resilience, landscape architecture and grounds maintenance.

    Instead of our profits going to shareholders, they are donated to the charity Newground Together and distributed in the form of grants to environmental and community projects, so by choosing Newground, our customers are helping to drive positive social and environmental change.

    Newground is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 ensuring we deliver quality services in a safe and sustainable way. Newground CIC is the wholly owned subsidiary of the charity Newground Together, a member of the Together Housing Group, a leading provider of quality affordable and modern homes for rent across the North of England.




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  • Open Door Furniture Recycling

    St Mary’s Church
    116 Manchester Road
    BB9 7HD

    Contact: Mark Clegg

    Tel: 01282 452400


    Email: info@furniturerecycling.org.uk

    Web: www.furniturerecycling.org.uk

    About Us

    Open Door Furniture Recycling is YOUR community based furniture scheme which has been set up on a not for profit basis to provide:

    • Basic furniture, household goods and domestic appliances for disadvantaged people living within Burnley and Pendle who are excluded from buying these items through traditional outlets.
    • A real work experience with vocational training towards a recognised qualification that will help the long-term unemployed secure worthwhile jobs.
    • An opportunity to reduce the volume of waste, re-useable furniture and domestic appliances, going to land fill sites.



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  • Recycling Lives

    Recycling Lives Centrerecycling lives
    Essex Street
    PR1 1QE

    Contact: David Allen

    Tel: (01772) 665940


    Web: www.recyclinglives.org

    About Us

    The Recycling Lives charity acts as a safety net for vulnerable and marginalised people. We offer accommodation, education, training and work experience to homeless and long-term unemployed individuals, with the aim of helping them back into full-time work and finding them a place to call their own.

    Our charity work is supported by the successful commercial activities of Recycling Lives Ltd, a Queen’s Award-winning recycler and waste management solutions provider.

    David Allen represents Selnet Member Recycling Lives and is currently the Chair of Selnet’s Board of Directors.


    Recycling Lives Social Enterprise won our Environmental Champion of the Year award in 2021, and our Large Social Enterprise of the Year award in 2022.



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