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  • Bootstrap Enterprises

    35 Railway Rdbootstrap
    BB1 1EZ

    Contact: Graham Jones

    Tel: (01254) 680367



    About Us

    Bootstrap delivers:

    • Outreach, engagement, advice and guidance activities to help people recognise their skills, make informed decisions and take positive steps towards better futures;
    • Help for individuals and communities to turn ideas into thriving private businesses and social enterprises;
    • Worklessness and supported employment programmes to help all kinds of people move towards the world of work and then find and keep the right job;
    • The capacity to deliver an extensive portfolio of vocational qualifications and personal development learning;
    • Consultancy and training for public bodies and third sector to improve their capacity to deliver socially inclusive goals;
    • Partnership and facilitation to develop a range of socially inclusive agendas at local, regional and national level.



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  • Child Action Northwest

    Whalley Road
    BB1 9LL

    Contact: Sue Cotton

    Tel: 01254 244716




    About Us


    It’s what we’ve been doing since 1886, in one form or another!

    We passionately believe that every child and young person has the right to achieve their full potential, whatever their background or circumstances – and, as a result, we work with over 6000 children, young people and families in the North West of England every year.  We work in the heart of communities – often in partnership with other organisations – to end family cycles of deprivation, drug and alcohol abuse, lack of self-esteem, youth crime, teenage pregnancies and broken families.

    As a result, we help to strengthen individuals, families and communities so that children and young people can lead healthy and meaningful lives, with the opportunity to succeed in school, to grow up to enjoy healthy relationships, to have access to training and employment opportunities and to be successful in the world of work.



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  • Mutual Business Advice Ltd

    BraesideMBA Logo
    Foxholes Rd.
    BL6  6AJ

    Contact: Elaine Bowes

    Tel: (01204) 452562



    About Us

    We are a Workers’ Co-operative, specialising in business support and advice to both start up and existing businesses. By establishing what your co-operative wants to achieve we are able to provide pragmatic, responsive advice across a broad spread of services including business planning, financial forecasting, marketing and promotion, personnel management and development. Our aim is to promote and develop co-operative enterprise into sustainable businesses where ever possible.



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  • Optimum Links Communications

    8 East View Court
    LA1 2SP

    Contact: Hilton McAllister

    Tel: 01524 37492  





    About Us

    Optimum Links Communications is a Community Based Communication services company that markets a Telecoms Affinity programme which supports charities through direct donations and through increasing regular donations from existing donors.

    Optimum Links Communications is a Telecom, Mobile, Data and IT Consultancy, Billing and Engineering company that also seeks to help charities directly through decreasing their communications costs. As you know communication costs can best be reduced by a mixture of applying the latest technologies, second-to-none customer service and through the reselling of bulk rate purchased data, mobile and telecoms.

    We offer a complimentary Communications Audit, as well as a complimentary Cyber Security review.



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  • The Business Clinic Organisation CIC

    1 Lockside Office Park
    Lockside Road
    PR2 2YS


    Contact: David Nelson

    Tel: 01772 367 367






    About Us

    The Business Clinic

    The Business Clinic exists to create healthier profits for business owners. We are independent and thought-provoking, and we deliver the strategy, skills and support needed to develop and grow local businesses.

    Tailored Services Covered: Training – Consultancy – Peerworking – Routes to funding

    We also operate our open clinics on a range of subjects which provide a way to learn new skills and develop fresh new ideas through interactive, content rich sessions that are free of charge to the business community, resulting in an approach that is collaborative and reciprocal.

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