• Blackburn Rovers Community Trust

    Darwen End, Ewood Park
    Nuttall Street
    BB2 4JF

    Contact: Deborah Blades

    Tel: 01254 508256


    Web: www.rovers.co.uk/community




    Blackburn Rovers Community Trust (Registered Charity No. 1117122) is fully committed to offering all members of the local community access to the highest quality programme of grassroots football, education, inclusion initiatives and awareness projects to encourage off-field participation, success and enjoyment using the crest and brand name of Blackburn Rovers Football Club.

    The power of football to engage, enthuse and motivate people irrespective of age, gender and ethnicity is now recognised on many stages. As a vehicle through which community cohesion in its broadest terms of ‘narrowing the gap’ in health, education, aspirations and opportunity can be addressed, the local draw of Blackburn Rovers and the unrivalled power of the brand to bring additional credibility cannot be underestimated.




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  • Community Solutions North West

    Elmfield HallCommunity Solutions North West Logo
    Gatty Park
    BB5 4AA

     Deborah Clark

    Tel: 01254 460080


    Web: www.csnw.co.uk



    Community Solutions is a North West based charity that aims to tackle loneliness and social isolation. We believe that every person matters and no person should ever feel alone or lonely.

    We support people who are going through life changes or crisis such as bereavement, loss of health, loss of jobs, poverty, mental health issues etc. We offer a range of befriending and mentoring services to help people live healthier, better lives including home visits, social groups, telephone and digital befriending, counselling, crisis support and more.


    We help people to live healthier, better lives. We believe that every person matters, and no person should ever feel alone or lonely.




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  • Lets’ Grow Preston

    Contact: Annie Wynn


    Web: www.letsgrowpreston.org

    Email: letsgrowpreston@gmail.com



    About Us

    We are a network of community gardens and friends of open spaces covering the whole PR postcode. We provide bulk buying discounts and a monthly network meeting for the 34 members to attend and share their experiences and their ideas. We loan tools and equipment. We help communities to improve their environment. We provide training in horticulture so that communities and individuals can grow their own food and plants.

    We have 4 sites from where we promote physical and mental wellbeing through volunteering in horticulture. Following the principles of social therapy in horticulture, we build esteem and confidence.

    Our volunteers are diverse. The youngest is 14 and the older is 86. We have SEN groups and individuals, retired people and people who are seeking employment as well as people on long term sick or with disabilities preventing them from working.

    We create surplus by delivering training, facilitiating projects and selling plants.



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  • Rosemary and Time CIC

    Contact: Donna Rowe-Green

    Tel: 07880 348597


    Web: www.rosemaryandtimecic.org




    Rosemary and Time CIC delivers gardening related activity workshops, training courses and ongoing projects aimed at supporting both geographical communities and communities of interest. Our main focus has been people living with dementia and their carers, and those living in care homes and the activity co-ordinators that support them.



    This social enterprise grows plants to sell at local events and farmer’s markets, creates wildlife habitats, including bird boxes, bug hotels and hedgehog homes for sale. They supply care homes with subsidised priced activity sessions and provide training for those wishing to learn more about gardening, they can also provide bespoke consultancy and training to organisations wishing to develop the skills of their staff.




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  • Veterans in Communities

    12 Bury RoadVIC
    BB4 5PL

    Contact: Liz Hamilton

    Tel: 01706 833180


    Email: lizhamilton@veteransincommunities.org

    Web: www.veteransincommunities.org



    Veterans in Communities (VIC) supports serving and ex-services personnel and their families, and members of the emergency services who have experienced difficulties in transitioning back into the community. We offer a range of services including outdoor activities, support to access specialised services, outdoor activities, hands-on projects to benefit the community, SInging Group and Art Group.

    Everything we do is focused on assisting our members to improve confidence, wellbeing in all its forms, achieving goals and being part of their local community.

    Our building in Haslingden has rooms available as office space, therapy space, arts and crafts, and a large conference room with flexibility in its layout.




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