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Mindsight comes from heart. A heart to do everything we can to support individuals in the education, management and support of themselves and others, in all aspects of health and wellbeing.

Educating the head and empowering the heart, we help businesses and third sector organisations focus on their number one asset; their people, so they thrive in and beyond the workspace. 

Equipping individuals, we help to build healthy, thriving cultures, flipping the care and support from the few to the many. With a sustainable plan, delivery and support we create amazing places to work, with increased performance and enhanced personal belief. We aren’t workplace wellbeing; we are lifestyle change.

EVERY ONE of our interactions WILL create at least 6 more positive wellbeing engagements. Our 6 Connections Model WILL impact 25,000+ individuals in the next 10 years and WE WILL positively impact negative mental health statistics.

Big dream? You bet it is!

Roast N Toast is our culture shaper over a coffee! A unique, safe environment, to discuss the behaviours that impact our daily health and wellbeing. Always Flipping the Focus to turn the negative into positive.

Fun, refreshing and non-commercialised, with limitless potential to share and benefit from thoughts, hints and tips, Roast N Toast is a place where you can come as you are. It isn’t networking, it’s support for each other – at all levels and it happens every week. Contact connect@mindsight.org.uk to join.



We help businesses focus on their number one asset; their people, so they thrive in and beyond the workspace. Based in Burnley and concentrating initially on the Lancashire-to-Manchester area, Mindsight aims to act as a ‘wellbeing architect’, going into businesses, educational establishments and charitable organisations to look at what they are doing and not doing in the area of wellbeing and mental health. Out of this diagnostic will come the plans and groundwork to deliver a practical, sustainable, culture-changing service, relevant to their needs.




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