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North West Literary Arts c.i.c.

21 Wolseley Street

Contact: Dr. Yvonne Battle-Felton

Tel: 07450 238981


Email: battlefelton@hotmail.com

Web: www.onliterary.com



About Us

North West Literary Arts is a literary arts organization delivering live literature events and developing writers across the North West. Our mission is to increase diversity in publishing. Our aim is to build community one story at a time. Our organization aims to create engaging, diverse, inclusive live literature events, publish literature from under-represented writers, and to provide platforms for emerging artists and writers in the North West. Through strategic partnerships with universities, cultural organizations and community stakeholders, this organization will establish and grow networks and opportunities that provide ethnic minorities, writers over 30, and writers from working-class backgrounds with developmental, live performance, and publishing opportunities that will grow confidence, create new work, aid in professional development, engage communities not currently engaging in art, and empower new voices. Our consumers are funding bodies, organizations, publishers and agencies. We are interested in collaborating, creating, leading, and delivering publishing opportunities.



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LPM Dance Theatre

9 Clarence Street

Contact: Helen Gould

Tel: 07812 571560


Email: helen.gould@lapetitemorttheatre.com

Web: www.lpmdancetheatre.com


About Us

LPM Dance Theatre is based in Lancaster. The company has an extensive track record delivering a wide range of projects across the region. Lead artists George Adams and Helen Gould are specialists in inclusive practice, education and training. The company strives to deliver innovative new dance experience for new audiences, raising the profile of the positive impact of dance engagement for all.



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Arts 2 Heal

22 Shear Bank Rd

Contact: Banu Adam

Tel: 07792 998963


Web: www.arts2heal.org


About Us

The Charity “Arts 2 Heal” is set up for “The advancement of health” – specifically mental health of vulnerable individuals. Primary aim to provide arts based activities to develop skills of emotional resilience, control, self-acceptance, tolerance, and responsibility. Secondary aim to increase: engagement with culture, social interaction, and contribution to the group / society (employability skills).



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Community Arts Development

Contact: Tracy Higgins

Tel: 07907 728708


Email: higginsfamilyfive@gmail.com



We aim to offer high quality, affordable and accessible training for local community in both the creative and the technical aspects of theatre, film and television. In the form of regular weekly, evening and daily classes, workshops and apprenticeships and outreach visits to schools and community organisations.




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Creativity Works Preston

33 Shepherd Street

Steve Egan

Tel: 07946 612666


Email: steve@creativityworkspreston.org.uk

Web: www.creativityworkspreston.org.uk



The Creativity Works Preston Production Centre is based upon the Danish Production school model.

CWP offers an alternative form of education to people of all ages who need or prefer to learn in a different way to the traditional education system that is predominantly academically based to one that is project-oriented and provides individualistic tuition. The crux of the learning environment and pedagogy is learning through doing; practical work and the solving of tasks in a working community aimed a real production and marketing of goods and services. We offer bespoke training courses in Hair & Beauty, Food & Nutrition, Teaching & learning, Media and Music, Sport and maths & English.

We offer a pre 16 programme to referral agencies such as Schools, Lancashire County Council Missing Education team, Youth Offending team and any agency responsible for young people aged 14-16, with places available for up to 40 young people. We offer a post 16 Programme with places available for up to 50, students.





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Ribcaged Productions Ltd

16 Church Street

Owen Phillips

Tel: 01200 429256


Web: www.ribcaged.org


Ribcaged Productions Ltd is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We are an award-winning theatre company which works extensively with children and young people on drama events and projects. Our work in schools, as well as being focused on theatre, art and entertainment , also provides workshop opportunities to work on and consider current social issues. In secondary schools we have worked on funded projects on Dealt (drugs misuse), Debt (debt management) and Consent (on sexual health). We are currently engaged on a major project to establish a multi-use community hub in the Clitheroe area to work with other charities in one large property, thereby bringing together a wide-range of activities to provide community support, and engagement.



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Divine Days Community Arts CIC

Divine Days Logo

Contact: Katie Whitehead

Tel: 07896 137 236

Email: katie@divinedays.co.uk



Divine Days Community Arts CIC is set up to make the Arts accessible to all – we run various creative workshops including Music, Dance, Creative Art and Relaxation.

We have 3 Creative Dance groups for adults with additional needs and we perform in schools delivering interactive workshops to raise awareness and promote inclusion and acceptance. We also offer Creative Workshops for schools to explore themes around Health and Wellbeing and self expression.

Our Award Winning Creative Dance Groups are available for bookings whether as part of your training to raise awareness of additional needs or as part of your celebration event.

We offer a Sensory programme which we deliver in Dementia Care Homes and community settings.

We run Creative workshops for adults living with long term health conditions




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Create Inspire C.I.C

4th Floor Media Factorycreate inspire cic
Kirkham Street
PR1 2X

Emily Morton

Telephone: 01772 977245 or 07465 132428


Web: www.createinspire.org.uk/joomla



We are launching International Record Label Services, Artist Management and Professional Development for music. Working closely with not just the musicians, singers, song writers and music industry professionals. We aim to work from grassroots to professional commercial music artists (minimum of 14 years of age). Supporting people who want want to work in the industry from voluntary level to professional (minimum age of 14 years of age and includes disadvantaged backgrounds, mental health problems, terminal illness, criminal backgrounds, disabilities). We aim to provide employability support and training, apprenticeships, internships and start up business support for musicians to record labels. Running workshops and Professional development training programmes in partnership with organisations such as Music Business School, MMF, Music Tank, Darker Music Talks, Brighter Music, Futureworks and Un-Convention. Planning to include free training and subsidising training costs for some placements (unemployed and students on JSA or ESA). We will be creating a grant scheme for supporting start up music projects and music project growth which will be assessed and chosen by a professional board which we are appointing in time. 70% of our profits will be going towards community projects and charity every year and we can accept social investors.




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They Eat Culture

The Continentaltheyeatculture logo
South Meadow Lane

Contact: Jackie Jones

Tel: (01772) 499207


Web: www.theyeatculture.org



They Eat Culture is a direct creative intervention into the cultural life of Preston and Lancashire. We programme, curate, commission and produce arts & cultural work, and run culturally engaging, in-deep projects co-designed with communities.

They Eat Culture is a Lancashire strategic arts organization & sits on the execs for Arts Lancashire Consortia & Preston Creative Partnership.


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