Curious Minds

Habergham Mill
curiousCoal Clough Lane
BB11 5BS

Chris Finn

Tel: (01282) 435835



About Us

Curious Minds works to improve children and young people’s lives by increasing opportunities for active participation in arts, culture and creative learning.

We work with others to build a society where children and young people, particularly those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds, have plentiful opportunities to participate actively in creative learning and cultural production, in and out of school, leading to the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to contribute fully to society and lead positive and productive lives.

We offer three principal services:

  1. Creative learning programmes with children and young people in and out of school
  2. Workforce and partnership development for the cultural and educational sectors
  3. Leading, influencing and representing the workforce that seeks to improve outcomes for children and young people through the arts, culture and creative learning



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