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East Gillibrands

Peter Cousins MBE

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About Us

Brighter Future Workshop (BFW) is a multi-award winning charity and Social Enterprise that exists to help people with disabilities to regain or retain their mobility by providing new and recycled mobility equipment and aids at a cost effective price.

Brighter Future Workshop has a clear vision for change in two critical areas, firstly to provide supported training places to young disabled people (otherwise thrown on life’s scrapheap) to enable them to have far better chances in life, and to make their own informed choices. Secondly, to reduce or prevent thousands of pieces of reusable mobility equipment from ending up in landfill sites – including wheel-chairs, power chairs, scooters, electric rise-and-recline chairs, fully-functional hospital beds etc. -, by recycling them in our fully-equipped workshop and returning the equipment back into the needy, disabled community.

The scale of mobility equipment that ends up in land fill is truly horrendous; some mobility equipment providers scrap countless 1,000s of pieces of valuable mobility equipment a year, e.g. damaged or at the prescribed end of life. Most of this equipment could, after being recycled, be put back into the disabled community for reuse.



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